Team Based Learning - CHAMPIONS PLAY AS ONE

  • Engage students as groups, to improve comprehension
  • Team Exercises to improve performance
  • Aides students get diverse views, opinions and feedbacks
  • Removes barriers of individual thinking and comprehension

Remote Session - IT'S YOUR CALL

  • Front row seats to learning from global academicians and industry experts
  • Virtual field trips
  • Complete two way interaction within the app
  • Record sessions for future usage

Attendance - ONE CLICK

  • Automated attendance capture for any number of students
  • No hassle of roll calls, data entry saving time & paper
  • Works without internet or intranet
  • Export spread sheets with analytics on attendance patterns

Interactive Content - GET CREATIVE

  • Design lessons from scratch on the go
  • Import course work from drive, dropbox or device
  • Add unlimited images, links and videos to make class engaging
  • Screen Synchronization with students to ensure everyone is on the same page


  • On the spot interactive questions, polls & discussions
  • AI base automated questions based on topic taught
  • Real time feedback
  • Gauge class understanding and topics for reinforcement

Buzz Quiz - GAME ON

  • Gamify learning with on-screen timer and incentivise discussions
  • Customize quiz based on groups, individuals, scoring schemes, deadlines
  • Readily available exportable data on results
  • Works without the use of internet or intranet


  • Q&A in the form of images, matrices, equations and videos
  • Randomize question option sequence
  • Open ended questions
  • Get real time results that can be instantly shared with students and parents

Analytics - FUNALYTICS

  • Detailed preparation, performance, participation analytics for students
  • Teacher performance based on content, engagement, exam ,pulse, quiz conducted
  • Burning questions on Team Based Learning to gauge over all comprehension on topics
  • Statistics on Institutions overall performance for Executive management

Whiteboard - DOODLE

  • Take notes, draw, doodle, add links, images
  • Synchronised white boarding allows students share & participate
  • Collaborative drawings and shared projections
  • Real time teacher student pictorial interactions


  • Interact with other students with similar ideology Anti-bullying forums for students
  • Share feedback and opinions
  • Updates from institution, management or teachers
  • Job fairs, exhibitions and conferences